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my stuff's been featured in... (click the title to see additional info)

the WEE show (MJFROMAROUNDTHEWAY hosted "The Wee Show" - an art show with over 40 artists showcasing "wee-sized" art. held @ Box on August 15, 2009)

the HEART ON (over 250 people came out and had a heart on. presented by MJFROMAROUNDTHEWAY)

beyond wonderland (presented by MJFROMAROUNDTHEWAY and ACAGEYBEE.COM, 2 rooms of Alice and Wonderland themed art @ Box, held on June 12, 2010)

dirty pop (Dave, MJ and PJ from Box & the Franklin Room hosted "dirty pop" on August 21st, 2010)

LOVE MADE ME (feb 5 & 6/ 2011 @ Box)

THE STRIP SHOW (march 19/2011 @ Box & the Franklin Room)

Bill You Murray Me? (feb 18/2012 @ The Fall)

Black Friday (november 22/2012 @ Gallery 437)

Happy Little Clouds (A Bob Ross Art Show) (feb 22/2014 @ The Fall)




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